NEW – golf buggy handlebar bag to hold your phone, lipstick, keys, etc.

Perfect for golf, tennis, bike riding, outdoor activities

Main benefits of the CompWear arm sleeve vest are:

  • Cool and comfortable UV protection for any outdoor activities
  • Very stretchy so sizing isn’t a problem
  • SPF 50+ UV protection
  • No more sticky sunscreen to apply
  • No more hot, long sleeved tops
  • The swimsuit lycra has a cooling effect on your skin and dries fast
  • Wicks moisture away from the skin, leaving you comfortable
  • Helps to reduce lactic acid build-up and increases circulation
  • Helps support the arm muscles and reduces muscle vibration
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue, soreness and injury due to impact
  • CompWear arm sleeves feel cool, look cool and are very stylish
  • CompWear arm sleeves are unique, individual and classy

CompWear skirts are made in small, medium and large sizes and stretch to suit most figures.
Skirts can be made to your required length – just add a note in the order details.

Feel free to contact me with enquiries, questions or your order …


Hand wash in warm water with a gentle detergent. Do not bleach or use strong detergents.
Hang immediately to dry, preferably out of the sun.
Cool iron only if needed.

These fabrics are currently available in limited quantities: